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World-class MRI Product:

If you've admired the amazing quality of MRI images, we are proud to be supplying a critical component - our own product which is a world class MRI preamplifier module. We appreciate the recognition we have received for manufacturing a module that is responsible for producting the best medical images possible. If you manufacture MRI equipment, please contact us for more information and volume pricing.

Click for H1021531-Data Sheet.

This device was designed specifically as an MRI preamp to be used in modern phased array coil applications. Characteristics such as low input impedance, low noise figure and exceptional stability were designed into a small physical package for use in multielement array coils.

Electronic Manufacturing Services:

HI-Q.A. is known for producing quality products in a very short period of time to meet our customers' requirements. We specialize in high mix, low to medium volume production runs and we have developed an extensive range of EMS and OEM services to meet our customers’ every need.

New Product Introduction (NPI) and Design Services – HI-Q.A. is known for our excellent work and engineering support on prototype runs of all sizes. In order to broaden our customer support structure, we have teamed up with some fantastic design houses to improve our service portfolio. Design for manufacturing (DFM), design for test (DFT), mechanical design and optimization, cost reduction and PCB layouts are just some of the enhancements we’ve made to our services. We are confident that we will be able to assist you with any product improvements.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly - An experienced PCB assembly resource is a key building block for every electronic product. New component types and sizes are introduced every year and a responsible contract manufacturer must update their equipment to continue providing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. From our BGA repair station to placing 0201 packaged components, HI-Q.A. has the knowledge, equipment and capabilities to build your product. We have been building quality surface mount and through-hole assembly products for 30 years and would welcome the chance to add our expertise to your products.

If you would like more details on HI-Q.A.’s manufacturing equipment, please see our list of equipment.

RoHS Compliant Manufacturing – With the new RoHS requirements in place, it is necessary to have a contract manufacturer that can easily switch between leaded and lead-free components and processes. Both leaded and lead-free processes are being utilized at HI-Q.A. to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Consigned and Turnkey Manufacturing – When running prototypes, our customers often prefer to supply their own components to assist in qualifying the finished board design. However, this becomes more cumbersome and time consuming for higher volume production runs. At Hi-Q.A., we have an integrated MRP system and an experienced procurement team which allow us to purchase, stock and control every component on your Approved Vendors List (AVL). Our customers only need to make one call to HI-Q.A. when they need additional product, which saves you time and money.

Testing and System Integration – Many companies are looking for a contract manufacturer that offers complete manufacturing services from buying the components to shipping a tested, fully assembly product to their customers. HI-Q.A. offers customized service packages to accommodate your specific needs.

Customer Focus – A flexible and responsive partner is imperative in any successful contract manufacturing relationship. Our customer support structure allows for rapid change implementation and customer feedback before, during and after each production run. Your complete satisfaction with your product and the entire HI-Q.A. process is our goal.

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