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Why Hidden Offshore Costs Could Sink You

HI-Q.A. - Secure Onshore Electronic Manufacturing

As you may already have experienced, there are often uncalculated costs to doing business offshore. Some companies that have tried it have decided to bring some or all of their products back to North America for several sound business reasons - those reasons varying from company to company.

Higher transportation costs, rising wage rates, and higher rejection rates in developing countries are just a few issues for North American companies that try off-shore manufacturing.

The hard realities and lessons learned of overlooking all costs have proven to many companies that the true cost of offshore manufacturing isn't well understood by accountants that have only considered the COGS (cost of goods and services) in manufacturing.

Consider reshoring for some of the following benefits:

Don't believe us? Then do some investigation on your own as there is plenty of useful perspective on the web that will support our summary of the advantages outlined above. Some of these studies performed by PhD economics experts with no relationships favoring any particular manufacturer.

If you have a new product or wish to reshore an existing product, let us show you how easy we are to work with and how we have found the best overall value equation for our customers by managing quality first.

When you are ready for a change, please include us in your consideration for a new manufacturer.